We offer both onsite and online training


BASIC: Baking (7 types of Cakes) & Buttercream decoration 

INTERMEDIATE:  Fondant (Leveling, Stacking & Sharp edge) and Sugarcraft 

ADVANCE / FINISHING CLASS: Wedding Cake Decoration, Floral Arrangement & Gravity-defying cake 

KIDS & TEENS CAKE CAMP: Cake, Cupcakes, Cookies, Pastries, Mocktail & Smoothies

PASTRY CLASS: Meat pie, Sausage, Cookies, Puffpuff, Pancake, Doughnut, Chinchin, Scotch egg, muffins, Bread 

DESSERT CLASS: Chocolate Mousse, Red velvet, Decedent Chocolate, Apple & Cherry Pies, Apple & Cherry Crumbles, Deconstructed Cheese Cake, Swiss roll, Fruit Tart, Crème Caramel, Cake Trifle, Panacotta 

APPRENTICESHIP: One month – Three months apprenticeship option available

ONLINE TRAINING: BME Cakes/Pastries/Small Chops, BME Cocktails/Mocktails,  BME Cake Decoration, BME Sugarcraft for Bakers, BME Modern Buttercream, and BME Dessert

EMPOWERMENT: Free Online Q&A, Business Growth Modules, Monthly Bakers Fellowship etc

We are opened to private classes, small groups, beginners to experienced cake makers and decorators.

For Registration & Inquiries Contact us via

07065273627, 07069243611 (Call & Whatsapp only)


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